I had a chat with Simon Terry, Benjamin Elias and Kerrie Hawkins about the challenges Microsoft Teams and other video calling/conferencing platforms have introduced a world where for some of us the camera is always on, particularly in lockdown.

Check out our video to get our perspectives as internal communications professionals and insight into how you can make decisions about when you may want camera on, or camera off.

Originally published at on September 6, 2021.

I had a conversation with fellow Microsoft MVPs Benjamin Elias and Simon Terry about the new Yammer Post on Behalf of feature, and it’s potential impact on authenticity and trust organisations that use it.

Benjamin, Simon and I all separately put our thoughts out there about this feature in blog posts:

After some discussion over Twitter, LinkedIn and Yammer we took our offline discussions…

The ability to post on behalf of someone else in Yammer just entered general availability. This could be celebrated as a new way to leverage Yammer for communication, but I suggest proceeding with caution and considering the options.

Available now

Announced on the Microsoft Tech Community on July 22, anyone in a Yammer network can choose someone else as a delegate to post Yammer content on their behalf.

But you need to scroll to get to the important bit, past the instructions on how to do it.

The important…

I remember the excitement of preparing for every new school year. The scent of fresh textbooks. Notebooks lovingly covered in contact paper for protection. New stationery with my name carefully etched in. But times have changed and as I have prepared to go back to school I’ve embraced the same digital toolbox that I use at work, Microsoft 365.

As is the standard for school these days I have a student account connected to an email. This account is also a Microsoft 365 account with licence to some familiar friends that I immediately began putting to work.


Edge is at…

Volume and frequency of notifications can be overwhelming in the workplace. As Community Managers we are often found in the middle of community members who want fewer notifications, and business communicators who want to be sure their posts are being seen.

Fortunately, there are options available for individuals to be able to control their Yammer notifications to suit their own working style and preferences.

Help your team to manage their notifications by working these into training sessions, support material and communications.

Email and phone

Tuning the email notifications in Yammer can make a huge difference to your experience. …

On my first day in a new job in the midst of lockdown, leveraging my favourite apps got me off to a really good start.

Communication — Teams / Skype for Business

In my new gig there is a mix of Skype for Business and being used. I got myself aquainted with the desktop versions and was quickly sharing and chatting away in meetings.

I don’t want to start smashing people with emails, nor do I want heaps, so I am using chat and channels where I can to reduce that email load, and show people how I like to work.

I spent a lot…

There were some great sketching opportunities at Microsoft MVP Summit this year. Most content is under NDA but here is some sketchy content including great sketchnoting tips and info that I can share.

Me as a Sketchnote

As part of MVP Summit, many of us in the community answered the call for pictures and videos about us and our MVP story. It’s a quick sketch with voice over, about me, my MVP journey and what I love to do. Thanks to our Community Program Manager, , for encouraging me to create it.

Nitya’s summary of Jeff’s keynote

The event keynote was presented by Jeff Sandquist, featuring his…

Remember LinkedIn Skills? A few years ago it was common to be prompted to endorse your friends and peers on LinkedIn for their skills, which would the appear ranked on their LinkedIn profile. It’s a simple way to On reviewing my own skills list recently I noticed that I could take a ‘skills test’. Curiosity took me to the next step.

There is a which you can take a test for on LinkedIn. Among the Microsoft Skills available for you to be tested on are:

If you possess experience…

One of the regular things I do is ask people to post their ideas about Microsoft improvements on UserVoice. If it’s not a feature and it’s not a defect and it’s not on the roadmap, well it’s an idea. That is an important function of UserVoice, or at least it has been in the past.

Microsoft has partnered with UserVoice, a third-party service, to communicate with customers and collect feedback. We will be moving away from UserVoice feedback sites throughout the 2021 calendar year on a product-by-product basis. We will leverage 1st party solutions. …

When did the Year of Yammer begin? When did it end? Depends on how you cut the numbers, but if 2019 was the #YearOfYammer announcements, then 2020 is absolutely the year when Yammer delivered.

The first taste (or tease) about the Year of Yammer came causing a stir in Digital Workplace circles. Yammer at that stage was a much loved platform that Microsoft had taken under its wing, but there had been a hiatus in progress and much debate about where it fit within the Microsoft 365 toolset.

Fast forward to October 2019 and…

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